FLOWERING OF THOUGHT: Heart on sleeve, hidden heart

Jason A. Baguia 02/12/2019

  Apart from the 14th of February, when we celebrate the memorial of the saints named Valentine, we can remember them in the English word valiant, which is synonymous with courage, which has Latin roots that denote…

Travel ergonomics

Jason A. Baguia 02/06/2019

  Although the state’s weather bureau predicts that February will be quite cool or cold, things will eventually change and tourists will once again be on the move, taking advantage of days of hot weather.   For…

Bombs and fireworks 

Jason A. Baguia 01/29/2019

  Folly and terror and nothing more motivated the perpetrators of the recent bombing of the Cathedral of Jolo, and they have no business attaching their horrific deed to any political or religious cause, for violence upsets…

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