Terminals filled with stranded passengers

Morexette Marie B. Erram and Ador Vincent S. Mayol 02/13/2018

DAISY Soratos would have wanted to go home to her hometown in Iloilo after spending the weekend in Cebu City with her son. But the 48-year-old mother had to wait, as all boat trips in Cebu were…

More than P500K of shabu seized

Nestle L. Semilla, Norman V. Mendoza 05/30/2017

More than half a million pesos worth of shabu was seized by Metro Cebu police in separate operations last Tuesday. In Cebu City, the police‚Äôs Drug Enforcement Unit seized over P77,000 worth of shabu in Barangays Calamba…

Bursitis and tendinitis

Alex Pacquiao 12/04/2016

BURSAE are tiny fluid-filled sacs that cushion the spaces where muscle passes over bone and where two muscles rub together. In your kneecaps and elbows, they form cushions between skin and bone. They can get inflamed when…

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