Group offers no-scalpel vasectomy for free

THE No Scalpel Vasectomy International Inc. (NSVI) is offering a free no-scalpel vasectomy at the Sacred Heart Hospital on Urgello Street, Cebu City.

NSVI Development Director Dr. Douglas Stein will lead the group of six foreign doctors in the free modern vasectomy mission in Cebu for eight days, starting on Feb. 13 at the Sacred Heart Hospital.

Social worker Frohnie Cagalitan, coordinator of NSVI, said this (modern vasectomy mission) would help solve the problem of overpopulation in the country.

She said they are targeting couples who have at least two children to benefit from the mission.

“Kon daghan og anak kay samot ang kawad-on (Having too many children children can lead to poverty. This is an opportunity but we will not force them),” she said.

She said they will assess and educate first the patients before they conduct the procedure.

She said those patients who earn a meager income will receive income replacement assistance for the working days that they would miss because of their healing period.

Those interested may contact Frohnie Cagalitan at (0923) 8822386.


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