In the beginning there was fire

Ronald P. Villavez 10/01/2017

IN THE beginning there was fire. Even before there was the word. It happened before¬†language, agriculture, civilization, and culture. Fire provided light, warmth and protection for early humans to¬†survive life in the forests, in the wild. But…

I cook, therefore, I am

Ronald P. Villavez 09/25/2017

ONE Sunday morning, at the supermarket, while I was unloading my cart and arranging my groceries on the conveyor belt at the checkout counter, a 40-something mestiza-looking woman, who just wheeled her cart next to mine, asked…

Unbearable beauty of the bare and the basic

Ram Alcoseba-Martinez, Ronald P. Villavez 05/21/2016

OUR recent Japan trip at the beginning of spring this year was more than just a weeklong R&R and sightseeing. It was a spiritual quest. Any artist somehow, at a certain point in his creative life, is…

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