Water crisis hits Syrian capital as gov’t troops attack valley


BEIRUT — Residents of Damascus are scrambling for clean water after the government attacked rebels holding the city’s main source in a nearby valley, leading to an accidental outage that has stretched on for nearly two weeks.…

Fifteen years later

Madrileña de la Cerna 09/10/2016

Today is the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attack, and there are certain lessons that will never be written down in history. One lesson is that there is no such thing as “faraway.” It was the…

Retrieving compassion

Jason A. Baguia 09/09/2016

If social media is a clue to the quality of our neighborliness, we have much reason for disillusionment, especially if we examine the discourse in the aftermath of the blasts that killed 14 and injured scores of…

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