TROLLS: Big-hearted sensory overload


IT’S somewhat fitting that the new DreamWorks Animation feature “Trolls “ has come out after Halloween. The movie is a sugary sweet confection of sights and sounds that will surely leave a fair share of adults with…

Silencing media to submission

Editorial 10/09/2016

Just as the Duterte administration continues to soak up on the warmth of its high survey ratings and the adulation of its followers, the national and local media find themselves in the crosshairs of the President’s apologists,…

Online trolls a challenge to true freedom of speech

Dominic D. Yasay 09/21/2016

FREEDOM of speech does not mean to smear reputation and ruin credibility, nor does it mean the freedom to be irresponsible and to defame. This became the focus of a discussion yesterday as media leaders in Cebu…

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