#PresyoMerkado: Seaweed Salad

Gresheen Gift Libby 11/17/2019

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Planning of something special for your Sunday meals? Try adding seaweed salad to your menu. Seaweed locally known as guso is a perfect appetizer and it comes with a lot of vitamins and…

5 vitamins you need for healthier hair

Margie and Stephen Zenz 08/24/2016

TAKING good care of your hair is important, and there are several essential vitamins that can help you in your quest. You can get those important vitamins by making changes to your diet the natural way, or…

Tanning salons — skin cancer!

Dr. Philip S. Chua 12/27/2015

THE US-FDA has issued a warning on the use of tanning beds at home and at tanning salons: tanning increases the risk for melanoma, a deadly skin cancer, up to 59 percent! More than 2.5 million teens,…

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