Kim Chiu elated by the success of ‘The Ghost Bride’

Matteo Guidicelli
and Kim Chiu

FRESH from the success of her movie, “The Ghost Bride,” Cebuana actress Kim Chiu was glowing when she talked.

She said she wasn’t expecting that her film — her first without a love team partner since joining showbiz in 2006 — would be  a huge hit.

Rated A by the Cinema Evaluation Board, “The Ghost Bride” earned P14.3 million on its opening day last November 1, All Saints’ Day.

“It’s really unexpected jud kay ako nag-ampo lang gyud ko nga makatungtong gyud ko og P5M kay it’s been raining so hard sa Manila, sa Luzon area. Na’ay bagyo, signal no. 1. Unya nangadto ang mga tawo sa sementeryo,” Chiu told Cebu Daily News over dinner at the Trattoria da Gianni last Nov. 2.

“I was not expecting jud so niana sila nga P7 million na, happy na kaayo ko. Ganiha, pag-ingon nila nga ‘Kim, P14M na,’ kahilakon gyud ko ganiha sa sementeryo uy,” the actress said.

And in her signature comic comeback, added: “Di nako mohilak uy kay basin moingon ang mga bisita ‘Ay nihilak gihapon sya nga ang iyang Mama four years na namatay’ so ako lang gi-pull akong tears but I am so happy.”

Since the actress makes it a point to come home to Cebu during All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day every year to visit the tomb of her mother, she decided to do a cinema tour as well to meet her fans.

With her was fellow Cebuano actor Matteo Guidicelli who had nothing but good words for his “The Ghost Bride” costar.

“When I was told that I’m gonna be working with Kim, I was very excited. It’s always nice to work with Kim. Kim said that she was afraid (of the outcome) but she deserves all this. People love her. She did an amazing job and she’s been working so hard for this,” said Guidicelli, who stars as Chiu’s fiance in the movie.

Judging by their banter, the two costars obviously had fun on the set as they recalled their scenes together. “Kulbaan sya pirme. Iya kong pangutan-on: Okey ra to, Chiu?” Chiu said, laughing.

“Katong pag bow niya sa opening scene, iya kong pangutan-on: ‘Hangtud asa man ang pag bow, Chiu?’ ”

“Kay sya man ang Chinese,” Guidicelli said, adding that it was a dream come true for him to work with director Chito Roño.

Replete with Chinese customs and traditions, “The Ghost Bride” is about Mayen (Chiu) who agrees to be a “ghost bride” after being offered a large amount of money by a sinister matchmaker named Angie Lao portrayed by Alice Dixson.

Her family then encounters a series of tragic events that will lead her to reconsider her decision and turn against Lao.

“The movie is rich in Chinese culture. Kung Chinese ka, maka-relate ka. Kung di ka Chinese, makahibaw ka. It’s not just your typical horror movie,” Chiu said. Produced by Star Cinema, “The Ghost Bride” is  being shown in more than 200 cinemas nationwide.

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