‘Tipsy and in-love’: Research says couples who drink together are likely happier

It’s a Saturday night in a crowded bar, you are drinking on your own, lamenting about how miserable and boring your single life is. But just when you almost convinced yourself that you’ll grow old alone, someone walks in and catches your eye. As the minutes turn to hours, you end up having one or two (maybe more) drinks with this person.

You are then surprised by how alike you both are–you share the same humor and you both like and hate the same things. Simply put, you are perfect for each other!

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Does this scenario sound familiar? Does it happen to you all the time? 

Well, don’t worry the happy hormones won’t be going away anytime soon. In fact, they are likely to stay because of your “tipsy” state. According to the Reuters website, a study from the University of Michigan has proven that couples who drink together or have similar “drinking habits,” have more chances of having happier relationships. 

This particular study took 10 years to complete and it required face-to-face interviews with 2,676 couples who were 50 and above. Many of these couples were married for more than 33 years. 

Moreover, the results showed that partners in more than half of the sample size enjoy drinking together. However, the study also noted that couples who only have one person drinking in the relationship are more susceptible to marital dissatisfaction.

Given this analysis, it is safe to say that it isn’t actually drinking that makes the relationship blissful, rather it is the love birds’ shared interest in the activity that makes their bond strong.  In this case, it’s their mutual love for casual drinking that makes them happier. FM

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