TV and movie characters who would make the best lockdown buddies

While most of us are binge-watching our favorite tv shows and movies, we can’t help but wish for our favorite character to be our quarantine buddies.

They’d make so much fun while we’re on lockdown, and surely will remind us to wash our hands every 30 minutes or so.

Without no further ado, here are tv and movie characters who would make the best lockdown buddies.

Janet from The Good Place

She’s a million times better than Siri or Alexa combined! She knows everything in the universe and can give anything you could want from thin air. Plus she is not human, so she wouldn’t contract any virus.

Jake from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

He would always have something fun to do. Never a dull moment, and you can always sing any Backstreet Boys song with him.

Harry Potter

Cute and handsome. He can always teach us quidditch and magic any time of the day.

Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation

Every day with Donna and Tom would be “Treat yo’ self day.” This includes takeaways, home manicures, and evening hot tubs. What more could we possibly want, right?

Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy

Just because so we can get it on, listen to good music, and have crazy dance battles. Besides, who wouldn’t like being stuck in a room with Chris Pratt?

The Doctor from Doctor Who

We included him because this allows us to catch a ride on his TARDIS, a time machine/ spacecraft that would allow us to fly anywhere that isn’t quarantined right now.

Joey from Friends

We’d order endless pizza every day and prank call everyone. Plus he makes a great buddy for binge-watching any movie or series.

Eric from Sex Education

You would never get tired of Eric. You’d have all the time in the world and make fun of celebrities and dye your hair in Technicolor. He’ll also remind you to wash your hands every 30 minutes or so.

Leslie from Parks and Recreation

Quarantine would be amazing with Leslie. She would always have endless ideas to do in order to kill time. Her bubbly personality would keep you positive and motivated.

Rapunzel from Tangled

She has to be on the list. She’s the master of quarantining, and you’d learn a thing or two on how to be sane while on lockdown. /bmjo

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