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RAFI Activates Phase 2 of COVID-19 HDPR Initiatives

Regular ambulances of ERUF and REAVO converted into negative pressurized units to protect both patient and medical staff preventing further infection. | CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt worldwide, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI), after its first successful phase of implementation on its interventions, continues its response to the situation caused by the pandemic by activating its second phase of its Humanitarian Disaster Preparedness and Response (HDPR) interventions. 

Local cases have continuously spiked as the province remains to be under community quarantine – additionally, pressing concerns demanding on the number of ambulances and medical staff transporting patients to quarantine facilities and hospitals (with 200 estimated transfers per day) have been overwhelming.  

RAFI, in partnership with DOH Region 7, have extended its support to converting 4 regular ambulances of ERUF and REAVO into negative pressurized units, critical to protect both patient and medical staff preventing further infection – this is to help expand the reach and accommodate the growing number of COVID cases daily. As an addition to the current number of units available for dispatch, this initiative is expected to accommodate 800-1000 patients. Medical staff assigned to man these units are also given allowances, insurance premiums, and vitamins covered by RAFI. 

To align the coordination of these efforts, DOH have also geared up in creating an emergency hotline that will consolidate all information regarding all COVID related calls and emergencies – from availability of hospitals in the province, to its dispatch of ambulance services for free. These initiatives are expected to launch on August 3. 

RAFI have also partnered with the Subnational Blood Center for Visayas (SNBCV) in leading a blood service facility of DOH that works with different public and private agencies to sustain a safe, accessible and equitable blood supply through a Mobile Blood Donation Activity in different areas of Cebu, targeting to gather around 800 donors. The blood-letting support also accommodates convalescent blood plasma screening and donations from COVID-19 survivors. 

 In this activity, RAFI also extended its intervention to covering the 50 plasma kits to DOH, and meals for the donors and crew of the blood-letting support. 

For more information on the schedules of the Mobile Blood Donation activity and updates on HDPR initiatives, you can visit RAFI’s Facebook page or website

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