Subangdaku chief: Aside from manhole covers, thieves also stole road surface reflectors

This is one of the road surface reflectors that thieves stole along M. Logarta St. | Mary Rose Sagarino

This is one of the road surface reflectors that thieves stole along M. Logarta St. | Mary Rose Sagarino

MANDAUE CITY, Philippines — Aside from manhole steel covers, Barangay Subangdaku in Mandaue City has also lost a few road surface reflectors to thieves.

Ernie Manatad, barangay captain of Subangdaku and Association of Barangay Councils president of Mandaue City, said that the missing reflectors were noted along M. Logarta St.

“We noticed nagkagamay ang atoang reflectorized item nga gibutang dinha (M. Logarta St.) sa DPWH, lugiton lagi. Dili gyud palampason basta mapangwartahan,”said Manatad.

(We noticed that the reflectorized items that were placed here (M. Logarta St.) by the DPWH, they will remove it. They will not let an opportunity to make money.)

Reflectors were installed on streets to guide motorists and help avoid accidents.

Manatad said that he already directed the barangays tanods to frequently conduct roving patrols.

Moreover, they already coordinated with the Departmemt of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for the replacement of the missing reflectors.

“Aluminum man sad gud ni. Mao nang ilaha’ng daginuton….Again, mao nay atoay reminder sa atoang mga kaigsuunan nga motabang na og bantay sa mga property sa atoang siyudad nga dili mapahimuslan sa kani’ng mga badlungun,” said Manatad.

(These are aluminum. That is why they still steal it….Again, this is our reminder to our brothers to help in monitoring that the properties of the city would not be taken advantage by people with bad intentions.)

Manatad said the reflectors were in addition to the steel manhole covers that they also lost.

He said some manhole covers had yet to be replaced but they already coordinated with the City Engineering Office.

Earlier, some barangays in the city also reported that they lost a few manhole steel covers. 

The Mandaue City Police Office had already conducted an investigation on the matter.


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