Andi Eigenmann inspires fans with her fitness journey

Andi Eigenmann fitness journey

CEBU, Philippines — Siargao-based actress Andi Eigenmann proved she is, indeed, a fit momma!

The 32-year-old celebrity mom wowed fans with her recent post about her fitness journey.

She shared some glimpses of her body transformation through an Instagram story.

Andi Eigenmann/ Instagram story


Andi Eigenmann/ Instagram story


Andi Eigenmann/ Instagram story


She also posted photos of herself on Instagram, looking fit and happy, saying that she enjoys her ”journey towards wellness.”

“Keeping in mind that a healthy self is all about balance,” she said.

She also shared that she’s happy taking care of her body and physical health.

“I’m happy to make it a duty to care for my body because as I grow older, I’ve found that when I take good care of my physical health (inside and out), it spills over into other aspects of my being that are, in hindsight, more of a priority to me,” she explained.

Eigenmann gave valuable advice to her followers,

“A good TIP to begin: keep a good mindset and lay- out your priorities to allow yourself to stay in this for the long run. Jumping into things can often lead to exhaustion early on,” she said. “Hope you will be inspired to join me in this too!”

The celebrity mom has been sharing photos and videos showcasing her surfing skills.

Eigenmann has two kids with professional surfer, Philmar Alipayo— Lilo and Koa, and one daughter, Ellie, with her previous relationship with actor Jake Ejercito.

She got engaged to Alipayo in December 2020.



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