The beauty of letting them be 

The beauty of letting them be 

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Let them be. 

A simple phrase that would make our heart skip a beat. 

In our world today, with the easy access to communication through the internet or through phones, the rumor mill cannot be contained the way we used to before. 

From attacks we do not know have been thrown at us, we sometimes think it is always best to retaliate and share our side of the story. 

But you know what? Let this be your reminder, save it, sometimes staying quiet is the best revenge we  can do for ourselves. 

You should learn to appreciate the beauty of letting them be or letting things be.

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You have so much on your plate, instead of focusing on how you can save yourself from these attacks, save yourself by shrugging them off and work on yourself. 

It may be hard to do at first, but it will be worth it. 

The fear of letting go will always be there, but do you know how you can start the process of letting go? 

Read on. 

The what and how

Focus on yourself — if you let these things consume you, you are surely doing a disservice to yourself. If these things are not true, and if the people around you know what’s the truth behind everything, just do what you do. 

Strong support system — with the right kind of people around you, you will win in no time. The smaller the circle the more you get to know who is really in your corner, treasure them, they will always have your back .

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Let go of the confusion — you are not at fault, or maybe not solely to be blamed for, remember let go of the confusion that caused you this. People will always just look at your reaction, never the actions that caused it. 

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Acceptance — accept that fact that you will  always be the villain in someone’s story and maybe you just have to accept that too. Let them see you in a bad light, just remember to be better than how they portrayed you. 

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Start healing — you don’t need to be told when you can start healing, but you yourself know when the time is right, when you get to that line, make sure to heal correctly, don’t use people or persons or situations, heal genuinely, the world deserves a better you. You deserve a better you. 

Let them be. Let it go. You got this.

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