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You know you are healing when you start doing these things

CEBU CITY, Philippines—  Everyone goes through a rough patch in their lives.

May it be something from work, family, or even from relationships with friends and partners.

That’s why we need to learn how to heal, but how do we know that we are already in the process of healing?

You are healing when you start to:

Stand up for yourself — you are done being thrown around or being stepped on. This time you are building yourself up with boundaries, and with that stand that they too have to respect you and see you as who you are.

Set boundaries — when you learned that all not people you meet are worth keeping you’ll know that it is time to set some boundaries. Time to learn how to keep a friendly distance for you to start over and trust you more.

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Trusting pain will pass — nothing will stay the same forever. Pain is temporary and it is there to remind us of our own limitations and capabilities. Pain is inevitable, but it won’t last forever.

Respond than react — with thinking and with putting things in perspective before acting out, you are indeed on the way to healing yourself.

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Explore your happiness — when you stop feeling guilty about taking care of yourself and choosing yourself first then that’s the biggest sign that you are becoming the person you wanted to be for the longest time.

Healing is not a overnight process, there will be questions in your mind and there will be people who will judge you the way you want to heal, but heal anyway. /dbs

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