Brother’s Day: Those ‘nostalgic lines’ we say to them and vice versa

CEBU CITY, Philippines— “Ingon si kuya dili daw puwede.”

This line usually gives a dot to every discussion we have with our friends or family when asking permission to our big brothers or even when they are our younger brothers, we still have that feeling that we need to listen to them or else…

Brothers are often seen as second fathers in the family. Mom usually lets kuya (big brother) talk to the younger members because he is more relatable.

Today, as we celebrate Brother’s Day, let’s dive into the classic lines we say to our kuyas or brothers and what they say to us too.


“Ako’y buhat sa imong chores this week”

This line can go both ways, either we say this to our brothers or we can ask for their help in our assignments or when we want their approval to get our parents’ approval. Offering to take the load of our  brothers’ hands would really do wonders in our favor.

“Ay’ saba ni mama ug papa ha”

When our brothers, especially our kuyas get caught red handed, they usually utter this line to his siblings until he gets the problems fixed, say for example, he scratched the family car while he was out drinking. This is where he uses his power to make everyone side with him, wise right?

“Bantay’g mag uyab-uyab ka didto ha”

When younger siblings would go out maybe for just the night with friends or an out of town trip, our brothers, especially our kuyas, again, always seem to have that intuition that his siblings may already be getting into the dating scene. No matter your age, remember, your kuya will always be protective of you.

“Ikaw ra’y maka tabang nako”

Another line that goes both ways, but mostly used by siblings to their brothers or kuyas. This can be considered as the “mayday” in the siblings’ codes. This is where our brothers would step in to save us or to help us get through something. And if tables were turned, this would be the line our brothers would say to us when they are trying to get out of a sticky situation themselves, say for example talking to their girlfriends about not leaving him, right, guys?

“Buhaton na nako para ninyo”

Our brothers would do anything in their power and capability to provide not just for themselves, but for their families. They usually would always put on the big boy pants when dad needs a hand. They are the family’s extra security blankets.

In Filipino culture, siblings share a strong bond, reflected in their unique phrases and ways of speaking that reflect this closeness.

This might make some feel nostalgic and want to hug their brothers a little tighter today. /clorenciana

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