The best gift to our warriors in the field

Gloria Estenzo Ramos 03/26/2020

  The right to life and right to health gain more meaning in crisis situations such as what we are facing now. Health is a priority, no doubt about it. When we listened to President Duterte’s announcement…

Coping with COVID-19

Gloria Estenzo Ramos 03/19/2020

  The World Health Organization (WHO), on March 11, elevated the status of the COVID-19 outbreak from epidemic to pandemic. According to the UN News, “By labelling the spread a pandemic, WHO was indicating that the virus…

Being a good neighbor

Gloria Estenzo Ramos 03/12/2020

, Growing up in a community where families knew each other and even the member’s birthdays seems like a dream. We had a lot of interaction, and at times a bit of misunderstanding, yet we tried and…

Upholding the right to health and a healthy environment

Gloria Estenzo Ramos 02/06/2020

During the campaign period, candidates would commit to programs that they think would best serve the interest of their constituents. Public infrastructure such as roads and buildings are easily the most popular. Sadly, health and environmental concerns…

MINDFULLY GREENIE: Rallying for the planet

Gloria Estenzo Ramos 02/21/2019

The youth are leading the fight against climate change and ensure that the right to a healthy planet is not in any way compromised. In the United States, with age ranging from 11-22, led by petitioner Kelsey…

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