Sanctuary of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus launches Phase 2

Maurice Jitty Villaester 11/02/2016

A tranquil place for prayer, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish serves as a refuge for faithfuls who are looking for a place to pray. After 64 years, the parish was able to complete its pastoral…

‘Mysterious’ water draws ailing people

Michelle Joy L. Padayhag 07/30/2016

Maria Cimafranca does not believe in doctors. Her belief is founded on two things: her financial situation and her superstition. When she’s sick, she prefers going to a faith healer or using herbal medicine, which is a…


Ador Vincent S. Mayol, Apple Ta-as, Jhunnex Napallacan, Nestle L. Semilla, Tonee Despojo 05/03/2016

A couple lit nearly 5,000 candles in thanksgiving for healing grace granted through the intercession of their patron saint San Vicente Ferrer at the heritage chapel dedicated to the saint in Pitalo, San Fernando, Cebu. But the…

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