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Blithe spirits


THE BACKSTAGE did not look like the backstage I used to intrude when I was 17. You know it very well, too: crew members hollering, rushing through the doors to the makeup department for time check while hamburger wrappers scattered on the stairwell. It was rather a breathable space for anyone who should be rightly […]

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Pops Fernandez: Queen boss


THIS is Pops Fernandez, one of the first celebrities to launch themselves like comets across the universe without social media. Installed as the Philippines’ Concert Queen by the record albums, movies, and shows sold out since 1976, she still broke the glass ceiling of this generation’s gauge of fame with over 200,000 followers on Instagram. […]

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The gift of tongue


“I DO not trust my tongue,” I excuse myself for my incapacity to determine if the coffee has the raisins or the chocolate. “You have to be aggressive,” Miko Simangan replies, then inquires if I could identify the flavors in the coffee he has just blended. “Of course, I can identify the flavors once they […]

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Leloy Claudio: The real deal breaker


LISANDRO Claudio arrived in Cebu two days after the Internet broke with netizens making fun of what was perceived as sexy actress Jessy Mendiola’s grammar slip in response to a reporter who asked her about her boyfriend Luis Manzano’s compliment on how she looked during the Star Magic Ball. “Obviously, if you don’t speak good […]

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The seven wonders


With a soaring kind of spirit, we’re in the mood for love. Seven of the 18 fashion designers did truly enthrall us.  Five of them are from Cebu,  two from Manila.   Sure, homecourt advantage, but long before this happened—“La Relance: Weddings at the Waterfront” at the hotel’s Grand Ballroom in Lahug last  Oct. 28, […]

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Jodi Sta. Maria: ‘I turned to drugs’


YEARS after separating from husband Panfilo Lacson Jr., Jodi Sta. Maria, 34, finally revealed the painful experiences she went through and admitted the addiction that suppressed her emotions. And despite the steady rise of her career in show business, the “Dear Other Self” main star defines fame and fortune as empty. “My life was such […]

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Goddess of Wonderland


The driver of the Mercedez Benz who chauffeured Tessa Prieto-Valdes from the airport to the resort was assured that it would be impossible not to recognize her even at the congested arrival bay. Why? One, it’s considered a universal truth that among the hundred scheduled to deplane at the same hour, she would be the […]

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The great escape


The weatherman is calling a scorcher. May a botanical frock bounce your spirits right up to the forever-blue skies. Where will summer take you? Will you — looking like Francoise Hardy in a Ditas Rodriguez minidress — stroll the Spanish steps with a dark, handsome Roman? Good times and cloudless days are the promise of […]

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The good life


I AM thrilled now because I have a list of names of those who did tear my heart. I’d enumerate them at the podium and—to save my face from shame—escape thereafter through the back door of the gymnasium of the University of San Carlos (USC) Downtown Campus. But just when I am about to raise […]

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DJ DAIKI: Pump up the volume


Are you the Brad Pitt of Tokyo?” “How I wish,” he deflects the inquiry with a laugh. The question, however, is not meant to crack him up. Since a bevy of pretty young girls flew to Cebu from Japan at their own expense to grace one of his electro resort soirees last year, it must […]

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