Romantic development

FROM LEFT: Kim Covert in Dexter Alazas, Steffi Aberasturi in Marichu Tan, and Isabela Deutsch in Protacio.

It’s like unwrapping a gift that keeps on giving—three newly hailed queens herald the descent of the freshest ideas that sprang from three great minds.

Romanticism isn’t new, to begin with. But this century-old idea has been given another life courtesy of the three Cebuano fashion designers who showcased their Spring/Summer 2019 at the 9th Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival last October at the Marquee Tent of Edsa Shangri-La, Manila in Ortigas.

After proving to us her power over eclecticism, Marichu Tan has surprised us with clean-swept rendition of romanticism: sheer, feathers, and tiny bows in muted colors. Protacio is still king of embroidery and the modern Edwardian reign. Embroidered blooms, too, are governing the atelier of Dexter Alazas who incorporated Argao’s hablon.

Everything else is serendipitous—all worn for us by Bb. Cebu 2018 Steffi Aberasturi (Mandaue City),

Bb. Cebu 2018 Steffi Aberasturi in “True to My Roots” by Protacio. A collection about keeping touch with all the aspects of Protacio’s design
and distinct style.

Bb. Cebu Tourism Kim Covert (Alegria), and Bb. Cebu Ecology Isabela Deutsch (Borbon) who have commenced their reign in October, too.

Bb. Cebu Tourism 2018 Kim Covert in “Romantic Serenade” by Marichu Tan. Structured details oncollars, freshly tailored and subtle flow pieces. A collection that expresses one’s emotions.

Bb. Cebu Ecology 2018 Isabela Deutsch in Fus’ion by Dexter Alazas: “An amalgamation of influences on fashion from Asian sub cultures, fusing traditional elements, and a resort collection with a cruise feel to it, combined with couture sense of style.”

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