A joyful mystery

Truthfully, my only preference,” —the cursor in our chat box blinks thrice, indicating she’s typing, then deleting a few words and restructuring them again on the keypad on the other end of the line.


“Comfortable, wearable, and presentable clothing,” Angela Dado punches in the conversation one Saturday night, the first weekend of December. I ask the fashion designer how she is dressing up for the holidays.

Angela worked for years in a clothing line in Cebu before she opened her own boutique, Designo Dado in Talamban, after an intensive training course in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts in Cebu.

But for the first time, she has developed a holiday collection. “It is a joyful and festive season so clothes are more vibrant. It makes designing clothes more fun while thinking of celebrations,” Angela says.

Renaissance art reigns in the series of long skirts, all peppered with a decent amount of skin.

Décolletage necklines are parading in, oh yes; high necklines, too, have allured us.

Billowy skirting and bishop sleeves provide the girly charm.

Her choice of colors is delicious that you could eat them—burgundy, deep reds, muted fuchsias, and purples mixed with matte gold.

If Angela seems risk-averse, she employs her ideas with intention.

She mentioned her current fascination with the evolution of ideas like the philosopher Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth in which he explores the continued relevance of such age-old tales.

“We’re searching and trying to find reasons for things,” she said.

“And these myths and stories bring sense and meaning to things going on in our lives.”

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