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I DON’T know which part of the holiday rush I enjoy more—wrapping presents for friends and loved ones, or unwrapping their presents for me. It’s the last few days to Christmas and if you followed my advice from the previous article, you should be feeling cheery and stress-free despite the party fatigue. It is highly possible though, that you have put off your Christmas shopping for the most important people in your life because you had no idea what to get them. And so, in keeping with tradition, here is Kikay’s Christmas Gift List. Take your pick from here:

Lipcolor. I don’t know any female who isn’t raving about the Colourpop, Kylie, or Nyx matte/metallic lip tints, and for good reason. You rub it on, purse your lips, and 8 hours later without checking the mirror, you can rest assured you still look fabulous. So if you’re thinking of giving makeup to any lady this year, make it this. And remember—the more, the merrier!

Artisan Soap. True luxury these days goes beyond the brand or the price tag of an item. It is all about artisanal, handmade, or bespoke items that people can treasure because they are the opposite of run-of-the-mill. When it comes to soap, I cannot think of a better one than Soapjam (found on Instagram and sold inside Café Georg Banilad). With gorgeous swirls, intoxicating fragrances, and interesting shapes, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Crystals. If you believe that everything in this world is interconnected, and that energy plays a big part in a person’s well-being in day to day life, then crystals are a good choice to give friends and loved ones. Each stone (like rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, etc) has its own meaning and can restore a
certain balance needed by the wearer. You can choose from bracelets, a pendant, or something they can put by their bedside or desk. Who knows, you might actually be giving them a source of good vibes all year—what could be better?

Crystal bracelet by the Kismet Shop

Crystal bracelet by the Kismet Shop

Footwear. A woman can never have enough shoes in her life; this is an established fact. And so, what better gift than to up her shoe game courtesy of Sala chaussures? You can choose from a dragon winged heel (for Game of Thrones fans), fairy wings, or angel wings, or other fabulous accents like an Egyptian stacked heel, Zebra print, or a big bow for the ultra feminine. They’ve got great sandals too—I can’t count the number of compliments I got for my own pair. Check it out on Instagram and order away!

Personalized items. From embossed monograms on leather goods (passport holders, luggage tags) to embroidered monograms on towels, handkerchiefs and robes, printed monograms on stationery, stamps and gift tags, or better yet- monogram gold-plated pendants, bracelets and rings, anything personalized is indeed a classy choice. Since you’re pressed for time already though, what you can do is take a photo of the item and tell the receiver they will get it after the holiday rush.

Better a useful, well thought-out present that’s a bit late than some generic item bought in a store.



Art. If you’re looking for a one of a kind present, this is the best idea yet. The Qube Gallery is selling over 200 works of art by select artists at just P1,000 to P2,000, for the benefit of Little Bamboo Foundation. So not only are you supporting the arts and culture and contributing to the talent of local artists, you are also helping support a good cause. Now there’s a great Christmas gift if I ever saw one.

Collectibles. For pop culture fans, no present is quite as thrilling as little knick knacks related to their favorite movie/book/series. Look for Game of Thrones bobbleheads at Fully Booked, Harry Potter merchandise like a Gryffindor hoodie, or stuff related to Stranger Things, Westworld, or The Walking Dead. If you can’t find them in stores, you could silkscreen the designs yourself on a plain t-shirt. I mean if your friends can’t stop talking about it, might as well indulge them, right?

Sala Chaussures shoes:  Apophis (black) and Titania

Sala Chaussures shoes:
Apophis (black) and Titania

Bling. Okay, this is the top of the charts, people. We all know that bling is the ultimate gift for ladies, and you’re in luck because the fine jewelry brand Vero just launched its newest collection called Love Vintage. You can find these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces at the Vero shop inside the Marriott Hotel or follow the Vero page on Facebook and Instagram.

Handmade. By you. Anything that is the work of your hands is truly a precious gift that nobody else can give. So if you have the time and energy spend it on this. You can make truffles, or chewy chocolate chip cookies if you are good in the kitchen. You can paint, sketch or draw something if you are gifted with art skills. You can write someone a poem or even a song if you have that talent. You can make a scrapbook or something crafty if you have that inclination. You can frame a photo that you took if you have a good eye. The possibilities are endless, but the point is that sharing yourself with others is the sweetest present of all.

Products from  Human Nature

Products from Human Nature

Gifts that keep on giving. Since Christmas is supposed to be about kindness and generosity, look for gifts that would benefit the greater good. Brands like Human Nature, Anthill, Rags II Riches, and Snoe, all boast of world-class, locally made products that give back to the community and elevate the lives of others. If you could choose to spend your money on anything, wouldn’t it be that?

At the end of the day, whatever it is you decide give your friends and family, put your heart in it. That’s more than enough. Merry Christmas, darlings!

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