5 mom wardrobe must-haves

Anthologie White shirt dress

JUST this year, I found myself unconsciously building a core closet.

What used to be a wardrobe chock-full of mix-and-match pieces in all colors of the rainbow, is a now a myriad of muted tones in classic and basic styles.

One would think I’ve lost touch with my fashionable side, but truth be told, in a span of 12 months that I gradually purged my closet, I’ve actually gotten in touch with my true personal style even more.

Six months in and I now have a core closet that has all my basic essentials —one that would slowly build my capsule wardrobe, streamline my closet, and effectively curate my Instagram feed, hopefully.

1. The quintessential white shirt.

Every closet needs one.

Whenever I’m stuck in a style rut, I always find myself reaching for my overused button-down white shirt and build my outfit from there.

Dress it up with tailored pants and pumps for the office, dress it down with blue jeans and sneakers for a weekend movie, or pair it with linen shorts and strappy sandals for an afternoon of running errands—one will never run out of outfit ideas when styling this No. 1 closet staple.

You can even work the white shirt through the week and still come up with possible wardrobe remixes for the upcoming week. It is a basic essential that is anything but basic.

2. High-waist jeans.

Anything high-waist is always a good addition to any closet.

More than being a trendy pick to snatch up, the high-waist jeans is a universally figure-flattering piece of clothing that instantly creates a well-rounded, beautifully lifted backside.

Find one that hugs you like a glove without the feel of being squeezed by a boa constrictor, one that ends just right above your ankles so as not to make you look stout when going for the skinny cut, or one that grazes the floor ever so lightly with your heels still showing while walking when you opt for the wide-legged full length pants.

Denim jacket

3. White sneakers

I am never the sneakers kind of girl.

I would rather flunk PE back in college (not a good example, kids!) than wear sneakers.

I never truly embraced this footwear until I had my girls.

It has now made a permanent place in my wardrobe.

I pair with almost anything, from jeans to shorts to skirts and even dresses.

We’re always running around town trying to accomplish everything on our to-do list, so it’s a no-brainer really to opt for something comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

That, or I’m just getting older, feeling every bit of aches and pains after just a few hours of walking. Ha!

4. Denim jacket.

Another timeless piece that everyone should have in their closet. A transitional must-have that can take you from windy summer nights to cold rainy mornings in June.

Wear it over your favorite sundress during the rainy months to instantly transition your summer wardrobe to be appropriate for the rainy days.

A well-fitting denim jacket is versatile and a true classic piece as it can pull together any basic look and adding a casual spin to it.

5. Basic T-shirts.

I am never without one (two or three!).

Stretchy tank top paired with ruffle skirt and white sneakers

I hoard them basics because they go well with almost anything in my closet—from my wide-legged pants, to cropped jeans and even my high-waist wrap skirts.

I love a stretchy tank for layering, a crew neck shirt that is perfect on its own and paired with high-waist jeans or skirts, and a v-neck tee that I love to pair with skinny jeans and sneakers for that ultimate momma uniform.

I have all these and they are the items I usually reach for whenever I’m in a hurry to get dressed or when I’m stuck in a rut. They’re the true champions in my core closet.

Whatever your style may be, and if you’re looking into creating a capsule wardrobe soon, always remember to buy quality items that are sure to last for a long time, giving you more bang for your buck.

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