Caught up in the wonders of the deep

HER LOVE of the sea is apparent in the work of Japanese-American mural artist Frankie Cihi.

The 30-year-old artist from Tokyo, Japan, who has painted walls in many places around the world, takes the viewer in a realm that only divers know.

“I’m fascinated by coral reefs. Which is why I’m into reef life conservation and restoration,” said Cihi.

Early in her life she remembers going to the beach with her mother and snorkeling, an activity that she takes pleasure in until now.

At the Pacific Cebu Resort in Mactan, we caught the artist creating a compositional pattern of different shapes, and what unfolds are vibrant and playful illustrations—Japanese pop art style—depicting coral reefs.

Through this mural, the artist hopes that more people would explore the beautiful beaches of Cebu.

Cihi completed Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2010.

Japanese-American artist Frankie Cihi

After that, she went back to Japan and started doing live paintings at clubs, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Later she decided to venture into large scale works, murals particularly.

Since then she has been working on corporate collaborations with big names, as well as commissioned projects for hotels and restaurants all over the world.

She recently finished a 200-meter mural for a parking garage in West Palm Beach in Florida.

“It’s fun to work in front of everybody rather than just a small group of people. When you work at a studio, you don’t have to show anybody your work until it’s done. But with a mural, it’s there, always exposed,” Cihi explained.

However, this girl’s art isn’t limited to murals.

She also creates installations, graphic designs and portraits, which she had already displayed in Florida, and will be having another exhibition this November in Tokyo, Japan.

“So many art forms out there. Learn the difference, find yourself through practice, and learn how to use social media—this one is very important,” said Cihi. / Candy Morr Baraga – STC Intern

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