Everything you need to know about jade rollers

I AM all for products and beauty tools that promise to improve my skin’s condition. If it’s non-invasive and doesn’t include whitening, there’s a fat chance that I am going to try it.

When the Jade Roller gained popularity last year, and after seeing photos of it sitting pretty on other people’s vanity, I caved.

I wanted to prove for myself if it really does address timeworn concerns like puffiness, fine lines and even dark under-eye. That, and the fact that I gave in to the Insta-bait because I gotta admit, this thing really is photogenic. Hashtag Instagram-worthy.

So I ordered one online and prayed to the cosmos that my stars align (read: make this thing work) because this face roller is quite pricey and I really do want to get my money’s worth.

And like all other things I slap on my face, I did a thorough research and was able to pull up quite a handful of information that had me itching to get my hands on that roller, pronto.

This “new trend” isn’t so new after all. The use of jade roller dates back to the 17th century and is a known skin care staple for empresses, imperial wives and other elite in Ancient China.

Jade is believed to represent healing and with a tool that’s rooted in history and is well-loved by chinese nobility, it’s no new surprise that beautyphiles were quick to pick up on this centuries-old beauty trend.

To satisfy the medical aspect of my research,I didn’t have to look far and wide for the answer because my dad was quick to say that the basic principle of jade rolling is lymphatic drainage. The science behind facial rolling lies in the fact that it improves circulation by “pushing” lymph (fluid in the lymphatic system) to its proper channels and into the lymph nodes, which then process it, filter out toxins, and eventually drain back the fluid to the bloodstream.

So if you’re like me who experiences swelling and puffy eyes in the morning, this quick detox could very well address these concerns.

Use after face oil, serum or moisturizer. One research pointed out that contrary to popular belief, jade rolling does not help in better product absorption but it is, however, more comfortable rolling on moist skin.

I am currently using La Mer’s Lifting Contour Serum banking on its promise to help make my face look more lifted and toned, and in the hopes to further define my contours, I use my roller after application; every night and everyday without fail.

Pop it in the fridge before using.

Ice, or anything cold for that matter, is known to reduce swelling so it is only understandable that skin care enthusiasts are storing their rollers in the fridge to maximize the de-puffing effect.

I like storing mine in a plastic container and clean it with a toner-soaked cotton pad before using.

Always use clean tools so never forget to wash it with soapy water before putting it back in the fridge.

Use light pressure and roll upwards. One must always keep in mind to counteract the downward pull of gravity so always roll upwards.

Using light pressure, start on one side of the face rolling three times from the chin to the ear, move the roller to the side of your mouth and roll towards the tragus.

Repeat again starting from the side of the nose going to the temple.

Using the smaller stone, roll under your eye starting from the inner corner moving horizontally to your temple. Do the same sweeping motion over your brow bone, and for the forehead, roll vertically from the brow to the hairline.

Do the same steps on the other side of the face and for the neck, roll from the bottom part going up to the jawline, making sure to always roll three times on each section.

While this might sound like a chore, the process takes around 30-40 seconds only and with that, the promise of a more glowing, less puffy skin. I’d take that any day even if it means rolling with my one eye closed.

You may still be skeptical about jade rolling even after reading this article, or you may give in to the siren call of this little powerhorse of an ancient chinese juju.

But for what it’s worth, I like the ritualistic approach of an extensive skin care routine, and the promise of a more glowing complexion is so hard to turn my back to.

After all, it does make me feel good knowing that I’m doing something good for my skin.

That alone is reason enough for me to love jade rolling.

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