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5 reasons why shopping in the mall is still better than online shopping

With the advent of e-commerce, shopping has transformed from getting ready for a trip to the mall to shop – to simply tapping of one’s mobile phones to purchase an item online.

True, online shopping can be great way to shop conveniently but sometimes people forget how great it is to go physically into a mall and check out the latest items and stores, and be on the constant lookout for upcoming promos and sales.

While online shopping has its perks, there’s still a few reasons why shopping in the mall is so much better than shopping through your mobile phones.

1.) It’s a fun social activity – It’s fun to shop with your family and friends. You don’t only have an opportunity bond with the significant people in your life, you also get to meet new people – from sales personnel to fellow shoppers. Plus, you can also dine or do other stuff aside from shopping without having to move to another place.

2.) You get to exercise – It’s not a retail therapy if you don’t put an action to it. Walking around, rummaging over pieces and piles of items, and sliding through racks of clothes can already be considered as a workout.

3.) Inspect the quality of the item on the spot – You don’t have to rely on pictures and reviews of a certain store/seller in order to discern the quality of what you are about to purchase. Seeing an item physically and being able to fit it is the biggest advantage of shopping in a mall. Plus, most stores in a mall guarantee a warranty.

4.) Skip the shipping fees and have it right away – Perhaps this is the easiest part, you no longer have to wait and pay for an annoying extra fee for your items to get shipped because you can already have it right away.

5.) There are more discounts – Believe it or not, there are more legitimate in-store discounts than those that can be availed of online. If we go back to reason # 4, you can also easily know if a certain discounted item is in bad shape or not.

Yes, real shopping can really be a fulfilling experience, especially if there’s a big sale. If you want to experience the thrill first-hand, head to SM City Cebu’s 3-day-sale this weekend from March 15-17 and rack up items with up to 70% discounts. Check for more information.



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