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5 summer fun activities to keep your kids busy

Summer in the Philippines can be really hot, and you don’t want to spend your summer vacation with your kids complaining about the heat and boredom, don’t you?

For some, summer is the time to have a vacation and relax, but to some it is the time where they get to spend time with their family at home and focus on their children’s well-being.

This summer, take your kids outdoors and enrol your kids in summer fun activities where they don’t only get to have fun, they also get to gain new friends, be creative, discover new things and experience thrilling adventures.

Here are a few things to keep your kids entertained and productive this summer.

1.) Join workshops – Engage your kids in workshops that they are passionate about or could be interested in. It develops their social skills as they get to interact with their peers while doing what they love. It’s a good way to hone your children’s skills-set and develop their talents.

Some of the workshops could be fashion modelling, voice-lesson, make-up, painting, musical instruments and Salsa dancing. Toddlers can also have fun by having fun with D-I-Y play dough.

2.) Discover new things – With summer activities splattering all over the city, there are some activities that can spark the imagination of your children. Some of these activities that your kids might be interested in are robotics, learning the art of magic, or perhaps playing the Vanguard card game.

3.) Learn self-defence – For kids who want some action this summer, parents can enrol them in Taekwondo and Arnis. These type of activities don’t only teach them self-defence, it also help develop camaraderie among their peers. It’s also a good way to build one’s character through discipline and hard-work.

4.) Play strategic games – Even though Summer is a break from your children’s academic life, they can still exercise their brains by playing strategic games such as chess, and other trivia games. That way, they get to learn how to use their critical-thinking and problem solving skills, and be ready for the next school year.

5.) Stay fit and healthy – Let your kids know the importance of health by letting them join fitness programs such as Taekwondo, Capoeira and Yoga. They can also learn how to eat healthy by joining Wellness Weekends Eat Right, Do Right.

Good thing is you can find all these in one spot at the best mall in the Queen City of South. At Ayala Center Cebu you will not only get to cool down in the mall, or spend time at the play parks, but you will also get to have a happy colourful summer with Ayala Center Cebu’s summer fun activities.

For more information, refer to this calendar of activities with their designated venues. You may also visit their official Facebook account

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