Things you should never say to people going through tough times

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Human as we are, we commit mistakes and fall short of our own expectations from time to time.

Some of us may bounce back faster than others while some may need a bit more time to do so. But that should be okay.

People struggle in different levels.

That’s why we shouldn’t judge them and say these things:

“We all go through that”— don’t generalize. Yes, we all go through some bad things but some of us take things differently from others. Don’t put words into their mouths and actions into their hands.

“I had it worse..”— never compare yourself from another person. People cope in different ways. Let them be and don’t rub it into them that you are better than them.

“You are mopping just for that…”— so what if they are sad or disheartened by something.  This does not give you the right to invalidate their feelings just because you don’t think it’s that serious or bad.

“Get over it..”— never disregard the person’s feelings on what she thinks and how she feels. Sure, at some point we have to tell them to get over those unpleasant events, but don’t rush it. Don’t push them to fake their recovery just because you find it “overly dramatic.”

“That’s just a little problem..”— don’t belittle. Be more understanding instead because again, people are not as strong or competitive as you.

People struggle and cope with varying levels and different ways. You should always put that in mind and be considerate of people’s feelings. Better yet, just be there to understand and help. /rcg

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