Phrases better than ‘I love you’

CEBU CITY, Philippines— I love you is the most common and used phrase that basically makes the world go round.

Everyone loves to hear this phrase because it gives a different kind of sunshine to our day, but, surprise! There are still a lot of phrases equally heartening or in some instances better than “I love you.”

Want to hear it? Here it goes:

I appreciate you— sometimes we know that we are loved but seldom do we feel appreciated by those who matter to us. This is what this simple phrase does to everyone. This is the most genuine and simple way of appreciating others.

I forgive you— after months or just days of not being in good terms with the people close to your heart, this is the best magic to do the trick. This line gives us a reassuring sense of starting again.

I got your back— remember to always be the best cheerleader for your family, friends and to everyone around you. This kind of phrase can go a longer way than the simple I love you.

Request for leave is approved— time for some vacation time! This is by far one of the best phrases employees like you and I would love to hear. After months of stress and work, a week of relaxation can really recharge us to the full level.

Pay is in— now this is what I am talking about. Funds, hun! After weeks of trying to make ends meet, finally, you can get to eat out with your family, friends and even just yourself!

Now, don’t these phrases sound and feel like of the famous phrase, I love you /rcg

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