Hey! It’s okay to..


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Have you ever felt guilty about doing something you thought was not good but actually felt satisfied after doing it?

Don’t worry because if you are feeling that way, you are not alone.

This read will tell you that it is okay to do some things that we sometimes question if they are  worth doing. 

So, worry not, because it is totally okay to:

Unfriend people— if you think that some of your friends on social media are no longer worth keeping, then go ahead push that unfriend button. If all they do is brag, rant and pretend, you can always unfriend them if it makes you feel less stressed and burdened. 

Rest from time to time— working or studying for long periods is called hardwork, but resting does not mean you are not putting enough work or effort into your tasks. It just means you need to take a break to be a better version of you in the days to come. Resting does not mean quitting.

Spend on the things you like— well, this can be done sparingly. Do this if you have extra cash with you. Do this if you have saved up for months or weeks for the things you like to spend on. Because sometimes, you also need to reward yourself.  Just don’t forget to know your priorities.

Commit mistakes— this will make us feel more humanlike. No one is perfect! Making mistakes is not encouraged but mistakes teach us valuable lessons to learn from. Get back up, brush yourself and promise never to commit the same mistakes again, 

Say No— no, don’t feel bad if sometimes you just have to say no. Say no because you can and because you feel like saying no. You are entitled to your own choices and opinions. Just make sure that that “no” is said for your good. Others may scale higher pedestals, but never let them do it at your expense.

As the famous line from A Jessie J, song, goes: “It’s okay not to be okay” ./rcg

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