Tropical man

COOL, CALM, COLLECTED – Gray cotton button down, lilac chinos and trainers all from Topman

Our tropical climate makes it hard for guys to dress up. Some men use this as an excuse to avoid the fuss, others just don’t feel the need to. Well I can’t blame them, it’s hard to pull off layers when the temp is as high as 38 degrees.

However, I believe in the power that clothing gives us. It determines our mood, and affects our attitude towards the outside world. It is an unspoken language that communicates perception, value and experiences. To say that our appearance conveys who we are as person may sound narcissistic but in a world where human contact is fleeting and social media posts have become a standard of measure, how we dress up is a perfect way of giving a good first impression.

Luckily for us, Topman—one of UK’s largest men’s fashion retailers—has spawned a collection perfect for our tropical weather, using lightweight fabrics in various floral patterns, muted lilacs and acid neons. Chinos, cut offs, shirts, and button downs  have been given a summery spin and are instant closet staples.

CHILL PILL – Floral jersey shirt and lavender cut offs from Topman

Don’t get me wrong, the island vibe statement isn’t done in an over-the-top fashion; the pieces can be worn the whole year round and not strictly limited to summer. They add an instant pop when layered with a cardigan or jacket during the colder months. I urge my homeboys to explore and expand their choices when it comes to fashion, to not get intimidated because after all fashion is supposed to be fun, it’s not rocket science.


SUMMER LOVIN’ – Floral button down and neon drawstring shorts from Topman

Topman is also known for quality and versatility, making them a notable blip on the style map. Now there’s no excuse for the guys to look shabby or frumpy on the first date. Topman offers a wide range of styles that fit almost every type of occasion, from casual weekend get-ups, corporate wear and even basic formal. So to all the men out there, single, taken or anything else in between, take your cue from us and spruce up your wardrobe. Don’t just invest on looks but rather on the attitude and the confidence you get when you’re wearing clothes that fit good and reflect your personal style.


Model:Jem Cubil


Grooming and makeup: Chady Pantaleon

Styling: Jesse Jake Daan of the Blaq Mafia

Photos: Dr. Francis Xavier Solis



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