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IPI’s frontliners doing their share in COVID-19 fight

Nobody can argue about the impact of COVID 19. All of us, in some way, have been affected by this enemy. For most, it meant loss of income while for healthcare workers and other front liners, it meant bracing for unknown health risks and strenuous activities that will involve body, mind, and spirit.

Confronted by the fragility of life, the company is eternally grateful to have individuals who risk their health and safety so that others may stay home and live. They are the modern heroes who blindly accepted the challenge to be at the forefront and sacrifice their lives. 

There are medical healthcare workers who spearheaded the fight against the spread of COVID-19, policemen and military personnel who ensure order and safety, bankers who assist the clients in their financial needs and cushion the economic impact, and the sanitation workers who kept the city clean and many more. Together with them, IPI has frontliners who made sure that there are essential products available for the consumers.

IPI has frontliners working behind their alcohol and germicidal soaps; its production staff, logistics personnel, merchandisers, and field personnel. Without them, we would have nothing to use as protection amid the spread of the pandemic. As a manufacturer of essential products, IPI thanks its employees who chose to be away from families and agreed to stay at their Tingub and Kasambagan facilities, ensuring that essential products are available for the consumers and the community in general.

Through its efforts, IPI provided essential products to various institutions and agencies front lining the contamination of the virus. Aside from Casino Ethyl Alcohol, Bioderm Soap, Dr. S. Wong’s Sulfur Soap, IPI also distributed Efficascent Oil to the front liners to alleviate pain brought by the daily grind.

In this time of uncertainty, the company, in collaboration with IPI Foundation, manifested its sincerity to their mission of enhancing people’s lives through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and touched the lives to where their relief packs and essential products reached.

A salute to all IPI employees who made all of these possible!

When the next generation asks what we did during the COVID-19 pandemic, IPI can proudly say that it provided care for the people, cared for their people and helped provide wellness to everyone, and lived out their reason for being.

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