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The benefits of yoga

La Carlota City, Negros Occidental–Whether you’re spending more time on the couch than usual, or is juggling with multiple household chores and work, we are all affected with the stress of the unknown surrounding the pandemic, which can take a huge toll on our physical and mental health.

There are countless of content found online, telling you to make the most of your quarantine and to start checking off tasks on your to-do list that’s been building up for months.

These are good. But what about doing something that makes you feel good?

There are a lot of things we can do to stay calm, healthy, and grounded. One is yoga.

(L-R) Yogi Trish, Teacher Blanne, and Rica Angela Santos-Cinco share their sentiments on the benefits of yoga during their live broadcasts on CDN Digital’s Lockdown series. |contributed photo

Three yoga instructors in Cebu–Blanne Acosta , Rica Angela Santos-Cinco, and Yogi Trisha Marie Magsayo– were guests at CDN Digital’s Lockdown series to share with netizens the total mind-body experience of yoga.

They once again proved that with yoga, there are endless options, making it one of the most versatile ways to work out.

Here are some things we learned about yoga:

1.) It’s a great workout.

Rica Angela Santos-Cinco during her live broadcast on CDN Digital’s Lockdown: A break from the outbreak.

All yogis (practitioner of yoga) agree that yoga is a fantastic workout for your body. It’s a full-body exercise where one can adapt with the practices and poses to their own speed and level of comfort. No matter which yoga exercises you choose, the practices will always be part of a great workout routine that are perfect for every kind of day and for every kind of person.

2.) It can help you develop body awareness.

Yogi Trish during her live broadcast on CDN Digital’s Lockdown: A break from the outbreak.

Yoga stretches and exercises require you to contract or relax specific muscles as you stretch into each pose. It is designed around the idea of moving your body to increase its strength and durability. Therefore, doing yoga on a regular basis will really get you to be much more in tune with your body and can help you become more aware of your body’s strengths and weaknesses.

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3.) It will improve your posture.

Teacher Blanne during her live broadcast on CDN Digital’s Lockdown: A break from the outbreak.

With the work-from-home set up that most of us are experiencing today, we can’t deny that we’ve been spending most of our day at our desk. We fail to notice that this routine has been affecting our posture as we tend to slouch and slump our bodies.

Since a lot of the breathing and seated positions while doing yoga require a straight back for proper effect, it is no wonder that it is effective in helping people develop a proper posture.

4.) It can help your breathing technique.

Yogi Trish demonstrates breathing exercises during one of her episodes on CDN Digital’s Lockdown: A break from the outbreak.

Rhythmic and focused breathing exercises are a big part of yoga as they are usually incorporated into various Yoga poses and positions.  The exercises encourage a more focused and centered way of breathing, and while they might not be something you’ll do consciously every day, they’re absolutely sure to provide methods of effective stress-management and can generally make you feel much better.

5.) It can develop your physical and mental strength.

Rica Angela Santos-Cinco demonstrates a yoga pose during her live broadcast on CDN Digital’s Lockdown: A break from the outbreak.

The practice of yoga is known for making the body become more flexible, and it can also do the same for your mind. The breathing exercises can improve your lung capacity, and lunges and stretches can increase your core strength as well as the other muscles in your body. The exercises force you to focus on the moment, while during meditation, it can help you clear your mind,  giving you the vision and strength to deal with the everyday challenges of life without turning anxious or stressed. /bmjo

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