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Nico Bolzico on feeling secure despite fatherhood fears

By: - October 12, 2020

Amid the global health crisis, new father Nico Bolzico shares how he is making the future of his month-old daughter, Thylane, just a little bit better.

“My biggest fear before Thylane was born is if I’ll be a good father to her. Will I be able to let her be what she’d like to be – giving her freedom,” begins Nico Bolzico, the AIA Philam Life brand ambassador and husband of Solenn Heussaff, who officially became a father last January 1, 2020.

When the year started, there was no indication of what the following months were going to be like, and yet Bolzico’s parental bliss came hand-in-hand with natural anxiety.

“Will I be able to make her understand what right or wrong is? How to be humble, and how to be modest. And up until now, I don’t know if I’m capable of doing these things,” says Nico.

Thankfully, AIA Philam Life has recently introduced its newest innovation to help Nico protect Thylane from the unexpected.

At age 36, Nico is a first-time father, and lucky for him, he has his own father to look up to as an example.

Growing up in a farm and spending hours in nature and strolling with his dad, naturally formed the paternal instinct in him just as organically in his behavior.

“He taught me how to ride a horse, how to farm, a lot about business, and how your work and honor is something that you cannot buy,” he relates. “Until today, I call him all the time when I’m not sure about what I’m doing. I always picture myself doing something and what my dad would think about it. That always helps me make sure that I made the right choice.”

This close bond, regardless of physical distance, has strengthened the connection between father and son. With Nico giving importance and value to the relationship that he shared with his dad, it manifests in how he starts his days with his daughter.

“I made a promise to myself that the first two hours of my morning are dedicated to Thylane,” he says.


Becoming a parent in the midst of a global pandemic, Nico already had his eyes set on a safe and secure future.

“I’m always looking at savings. I think financially we need to find a way to be sort of financially independent in the sense that Thylane will be protected even if we’re not here,” he shares. “Unfortunately, we cannot control everything. If emergencies and unexpected things happen we need to have insurance.”

Thankfully, AIA Philam Life has recently introduced its newest innovation to help Nico protect Thylane from the unexpected.

Worry-Free with AIA Philam Life

Committed to developing innovative products that address the needs of its customers, AIA Philam Life recently introduced AIA Med-Assist for children, a variable life insurance plan with medical benefit rider designed to address medical expenses due to hospitalization of 0 to 17-year-olds, covering 90 percent of in-patient hospitalization and other incidentals.

As part of its commitment to protect every Filipino family and help them live healthier, longer, and better lives, AIA Philam Life developed a product for this vulnerable age group whose needs are often not given much attention, one of the few insurance companies to offer a medical benefit product for children.

“I think I’d freak out every day about being a father,” added Nico. “And finding ways to protect your child really shows how much you love her, and that’s something that’s from day zero.” Regardless of a global pandemic, this sounds like any doting father’s concern.

Click here to know more about AIA Med-Assist or visiting their Facebook page at, emailing [email protected] or calling (02)8528-2000.

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