KC Concepcion saved from ‘possible paralysis’ due to COVID-19

KC Concepcion

KC Concepcion. Image: Instagram/@kristinaconcepcion

KC Concepcion is grateful to her doctor for saving her life and preventing a “possible paralysis” due to COVID-19.

The actress disclosed that she had contracted the novel coronavirus and it affected her brain, via her Instagram Stories on Friday, May 6. The posts have since expired but have been uploaded by fan sites on social media.

“I have my dearest doctor, the brilliant Dr. Albert Recio, to thank for acting urgently, and arresting a possible paralysis the other day due to a neurological effect [COVID-19] had on me,” she said. “What I thought was a mild bout turned into something much more serious overnight. I felt a change in my motor skills and also knew it was hitting my brain.”

Concepcion described her condition as “nothing she had ever experienced before,” but added that she is already recovering from the virus. She then addressed her doctor, saying that she is forever indebted to him.

“Doc urgently prescribed me the exact meds I needed at exactly the right time and by anticipating the progress of [COVID-19] in my body, he put me on the road to recovery,” the actress stated. “It’s my [sixth] day today since first onset of symptoms and I am still weak but regaining strength slowly but surely!”

Concepcion showed an unfiltered photo of herself, adding how the experience made her “appreciate life even more.” The actress then reminded fans to be healthy and be cautious against the virus.

“You don’t know how scared I was on Wednesday morning, I couldn’t handle it without the meds,” she shared.

“Stay safe everyone. This is not like the flu. It’s a whole different animal. I evaded it for [three] years but just like that it got me. From an asymptomatic person who unknowingly passed it on,” she added. “Try your best to live your healthiest lives and let’s enjoy what life has to offer.”

Concepcion also gave an update on her Hollywood film “Asian Persuasion” and stated that she still has three more shooting days left for the movie.

Concepcion is currently in New York for the filming of the said movie where she will be starring as the lead actress. Other Filipino celebrities who will be featured in the film are Yam Concepcion, Rachel Alejandro, Tony Labrusca and Black Eyed Peas’ Apl.de.Ap. The movie is directed by Tony Award-winning producer Jhett Tolentino.

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