Motorcycle dealers: Caindec should ‘blame himself for unjustified delays in the release of ORs/CRs’ 


LTO-7 Director Victor Caindec says that the apprehensions in Bohol province of erring motor vehicles are done after the LTO-7 received a formal complaint. | screen grab from LTO-7 Caindec's press briefing

LTO-7 Director Victor Caindec says that the apprehensions in Bohol province of erring motor vehicles are done after the LTO-7 received a formal complaint. | screen grab from LTO-7 Caindec’s press briefing

CEBU CITY, Philippines (Updated, 7 p.m.) – A group of motorcycle dealers categorically denied the allegations made by Land Transportation Office in Central Visayas (LTO 7) Director Victor Caindec that they are the alleged cause of delays in the release of motorcycle Official Receipts (ORs) and Certificates of Registration (CRs).

The group issued the statement through its lawyer-spokesperson Gilbert Andres after Caindec blamed them for hundreds of motorcycles being apprehended during the five-day operations in Bohol due to a lack of registration documents.

“Instead, RD Caindec should pin the blame squarely on himself for his repeated failure to release motorcycle ORs/CRs within the ‘3 hours, 15 minutes’ time frame as mandated by the amended 2019 LTO Citizen’s Charter,” Andres said in a statement.

Caindec, in his previous interviews, said the LTO 7 acknowledged that some people do not get their plates because they were not given the Certificate of Registration due to schemes such as if the motorcycle is not yet fully paid, the dealers will not release the certificate.

Caindec also reminded the dealers that this is illegal and the Certificate of Registrations must be passed on to the owners upon issuance from LTO-7.


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Andres furthered that Caindec as the LTO 7 director failed to implement the provisions of the amended 2019 LTO Citizen’s Charter which states that the total processing time from when the LTO client submits requirements until he receives his OR, CR, sticker, plates, and RFID sticker is a mere “3 hours, 15 minutes”.

“In fact, the Anti-Red Tape Authority (Arta) recommended for his preventive suspension and filed a complaint against him with the Ombudsman for violation of Section 21, paragraphs (a) & (b), and 75 counts of violation of paragraph (e) of Republic Act No. 11032 or the ‘Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018,” he added.

Andres said Arta previously recommended that the case against Caindec be referred to the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission for immediate investigation for possible violations of Republic Act No. 3019, also known as the “Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act,” and any other applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Andres also cited various reasons why Caindec, he said, should blame himself for the unjustified delays in the release of ORs/CRs.

“All documents from the thousands of sold cars and motorcycles from Cebu and its neighboring islands of Negros Oriental, Siquijor, and Bohol have to be sent to Cebu for registration. The solution would be to open more New Registration Units (NRU) not just in Cebu but in the outlying islands of Region 7,” Andres said.

The LTO 7, earlier, announced that it will open two NRU offices and it will have two more district offices and licensing and full licensing center offices in the region.


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Andres also said that there is only one computer shared among multiple dealers to access the DIY registration system in Region 7 while other regions have as many as 15.

“Because motorcycle and car dealers have to take turns accessing this computer (MWF for motorcycles and TTh for cars), motorcycle dealers are constrained to process registrations in other regions. This schedule would even be often canceled when the LTO system is “offline” or when their internet connection is slow,” he said.

Andres also denied Caindec’s statement that dealers delay the payments for the registrations.

He said that there is only one cashier in the LTO Regional Office who handles payment in the new registration unit and the submitted documents have to be “evaluated by LTO personnel” prior to payment and dealers have to wait for the cashier to inform them that payment may already be made.

He also said that the LTO 7  designated only one release center for plate numbers for the entire Region 7.

“Caindec cannot expect all motorcycle riders from the surrounding islands to claim the plate numbers in SM Seaside Cebu. Motorcycle dealers have not also received any formal communication on the Memorandum of Understanding that he has allegedly required dealers to sign,” he added.

Andres said this has only been a Region 7 issue as other LTO Regional Offices have already widely distributed plate numbers without the need for additional requirements.

“Thus, the dealers strongly urge Caindec to stop politicking and, instead, pin the blame on himself and then focus on how he can fix his shortcomings in LTO-7,” he added.

Sought for comment, Caindec said no regional director has the power to create a new office, not even an NRU.

“I’m surprised that their lawyer is feigning ignorance of basic laws and administrative rules,” he told CDN Digital.

On the issue on no formal information regarding the MOU, Caindec said that a meeting with manufacturers, assemblers, importers, remanufacturers, dealers and other companies (MAIRDOES) was attended by majority of dealers sometime in March. Major dealers, he said, were present including motorcycle dealers.

“The MOU was discussed, but since they didn’t send a representative, then perhaps that explains why they aren’t aware,” he said.

“I agree the Citizens Charter should be followed. So, his clients should follow the process and NOT submit records on batching. Also they should abide by RA 11235,” he added.

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