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Globe EasyHub, making digital transactions easier

By: - July 14, 2022

Digital tools make any transaction fast and hassle-free, but some users may still be hesitant to transact online as they fear they might click the wrong button. 

Fret not because the Globe EasyHub will make digital transactions such as bills payments, plan applications, GCash cash-ins, and customer assistance easy for everyone.

Globe EasyHub Head Christian Ace Ople (5th from left) with other Globe representatives and SM Management team led the official launch of the Globe EasyHub at SM Seaside in Cebu City on July 8, 2022.

Now, Cebuanos can enjoy the perks of using the Globe EasyHub! This one-stop shop for Globe transactions officially opened at the SM Seaside’s Cyberzone in Cebu City on July 8, 2022. This marks another milestone for Globe, as it aims to provide accessible and easy-to-use digital services to Filipinos across the country. 

The EasyHub is a great option for customers looking for safe and convenient ways to transact with Globe in the new normal, featuring life-enabling solutions that combine digital and brick-and-mortar experiences. It’s user friendly channels provide a new level of experience that all customers, even tech newbies and the less tech-savvy seniors, can enjoy, easily use, explore and transact with, in just a few clicks. 

Globe EasyHub’s Care Zone has helpful guides for customers in using Globe’s different services, such as paying bills via the Globe One App or the vending machine, requesting assistance through the Globe One App or Globe Home App, and using the GCash App.

Through Globe EasyHub’s digital display, customers can shop, pay, explore, and even access information on how to request customer service support on Globe’s mobile platforms. It also educates and engages customers on various Globe campaigns that provide support to those in need. 

To elevate the experience of using the Globe EasyHub, some zones allow access to various Globe products and services, accept bills payments, offer a guide on how to book repairs and raise customer concerns, and enable customers to learn more about different Globe products.

The Globe EasyHub is an interactive one-stop shop for all essential needs. Through its digital displays, customers can shop, pay, explore, and even access information on how to request for customer service support in Globe’s mobile platforms.

Do you need to cash in or apply for a plan? You can do all these with the Globe EasyHub. Visit the Globe EasyHub today at the Cyberzone on the third floor of the SM Seaside City Cebu to experience easy, fast, and safe digital transactions.


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