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6 Reasons Why You Should Register for TEDxUSJR 2023

- November 18, 2023

Get ready, Cebu and beyond! TEDxUSJR 2023 is back, and it’s not your typical forum – it’s a force of influence you should not miss, and here are six reasons why.

Tickets are available online through this link or over the counter at the USJ-R Main and Basak Accounting offices.

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch TEDxUSJR 2023

Influence redefined – expect that and more from the speakers of this edition.

From the story of Cheezken, Cebu’s first assorted baked cheesecakes, as told by Keenosis; to Pats Pinote spilling the secrets on making content go viral on TikTok. Pia Labra takes the stage to share insights into the vibrant drag culture right here at home. Social entrepreneur Veronica Baguio, journalist John Sebastian Sitchon, and long-time education advocate John Nicko Coyoca round out the lineup of speakers.

Remember the first TEDx in Cebu? It was in USJ-R.

The first edition took place in September 2015 themed “Red is Life”, succeeded by another edition in 2016 themed “Six Degrees of Separation”. YouTube phenomenon Hey Joe Show, Urbandub lead vocalist Gabby Alipe, and radio personality DJ Ace were among those who spoke. Soon after, the red-volution also took over other Cebu universities. After six years, the legacy continues with TEDxUSJR 2023, invoking disruption and forceful narratives that promise to leave an indelible mark.

Enjoy and perform, not just talk and listen.

From the harmonious voices of the 13th Huniño Grand Champion Liturgical Yodelers Recoletos (LYRE) to the magnetic presence of Cebu Drag Queen Jeorg, the enchanting tunes of violinist Shehanneh Deah, and the dazzling performances of DanceSports champions – TEDxUSJR 2023 is set to be a feast.

The theme represents all of us.

We’ve all had that one moment, one person, one place or one experience that has shaped the way we see ourselves in the mirror today. Speakers will delve into their defining moments, offering unique perspectives on the forces that have molded their lives.

This is not your usual seminar.

Buckle up as each speaker takes the stage for a maximum of 18 minutes each only. Expect the quintessential TEDx experience, the kind that has garnered over a billion hits on YouTube. This isn’t just an event; it’s a journey into the profound and the unexpected.

It’s open to all!

Non-Josenians, rejoice! While Josenian students, employees, and alumni are eagerly welcomed, TEDxUSJR 2023 opens its doors to outsiders. Let the force of influence transcend beyond USJ-R and resonate with minds far and wide.

Stop watching that TED talk online and see it for yourself this this Thursday, November 23, 2023, at the USJ-R Basak Campus Auditorium, 1:00 – 5:00 PM as TEDxUSJR returns after a seven-year hiatus bringing together a lineup of speakers, performances, and experiences that promises to be more than just thought-provoking.

Tickets are available online through this link or over the counter at the USJ-R Main and Basak Accounting offices.


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