Sofia Andres: ‘Love and respect are indeed earned’

Sofia and Daniel

Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda

CEBU CITY, Philippines— A mother and a partner to a Cebuano socialite, actress Sofia Andres took to Instagram her thoughts about how to make a relationship work.

Sofia and her long-term partner, Daniel Miranda, have always been seen as a perfect couple in all their posts. But Sofia made it a point to let people know that it is not always a walk in the park when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship.

“Being in love does come with the risk of getting hurt. it is a reality that no relationship is immune to pain or challenges. ultimately, only you can decide if someone is your forever. It requires introspection, open communication, and listening to your intuition. love should uplift and make you feel valued and respected,” said a part of her caption.

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In her post, she also said that love and respect are not easy things one can get. They are earned, and earning these goes both ways.

“When it comes to love and relationships, there are never guarantees or certainties, right? The future can be unpredictable, and people can change,” she added.

Sofia’s random sharing of how she sees love and relationships served as an eye-opener to many.

Sofia and Daniel are also close friends of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, who are now under fire for cheating allegations leading to the couple’s “break up.”



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