TikTok Trend: ‘In the Philippines we don’t say…’


Aliyah TikTok trend

CEBU CITY, Philippines–  A proud Filipina mother, could not resist joining the latest TikTok trend “In the Philippines we don’t say “with her daughter. With her phone and the wits of her daughter, their TikTok video is making rounds online.

Five-year-old, Aliyah Amel Valero was narrating the Filipino quirks and expressions of people when bumping into someone you haven’t seen in a while with every adorable look and gesture.

Aliyah’s innocent charm stole the show as her mother Pearl Valero shared in her Facebook profile the video of Aliyah.

In the video, Aliyah said, “In the Philippines, we don’t say “Hey, long time no see” instead we say “Hoy, kumusta? Nanambok lage ka.”

Valero said in an interview with CDN Digital that she and her family are originally from Molave, Zamboanga Del Sur, but have now been living in Texas, USA for two years.



According to Valero, ever since Aliyah, was known to be very talkative. In their first year of living in Texas, Aliyah won the Little Miss pageant at Waco, Texas, Valero said that the pageant was for her daughter to experience and surprisingly she won.

Aliyah is not just a pretty face, but a smart and witty kid with confidence.

Lahi ra gyud ang bisdak, di ba, Aliyah!?


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