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Toddler from Cebu City spreads good vibes online

Lucas Kristoff "Top" Juan plays with a food delivery rider.

| Photo grabbed from the video of Jasmine Juan.

CEBU CITY, Philippines — A toddler from Cebu City is spreading good vibes online.

The Filipino-Chinese boy, one-year-old Lucas Kristoff “Top” Juan, warmed the hearts of many netizens after his mother, Jasmin Sarmiento-Juan, shared a video of him sharing laughter with a food delivery rider whom he saw near an intersection in Barangay Lahug as they were stuck in early morning traffic.

“We were just running early morning errands and then i heard a laughter, so when I looked back, I saw him do that,” Jasmin told CDN Digital.

They came from their home and were headed to Barangay Lahug then.

Jasmine said she was amazed at how her son waved, gamely played and laughed with the delivery rider that she immediately took out her cellphone to record the memorable encounter that happened last July 12.


“That’s why I was surprised [by the encounter] and filmed it! Sayang [I] didn’t film the first part,” Jasmin added.

Jasmin said she shared her video on TikTok to spread good vibes online.

Top, according to Jasmine, was very observant even at a very young age.

When his grandmother shows him something and tells him what it was, he would never forget that particular item.

“He gives superior eye contact ever since he was born. Which is buyag, a blessing,” she said.

According to Jasmine, Top also started to say some words when he was just 11 months old.

“But he was able to [start to] converse, I think [when he was] 14-15 months,” she added.

To date, Top is able to speak a few Chinese, Spanish, English and Bisaya words.

Jasmine said that her son learned to speak as he also listened attentively to people who surround him like his aunt, grandmother and even their house helpers.

“My twin sister Jen does alphabet training and his ate Jessica, who takes care of him usually, trains him. He talks different languages though because my grandma speaks Spanish and English to him. We speak English, my in laws Chinese/English/Bisaya and us English. The helpers and manongs Bisaya, ” Jasmin said. | Irene Ardiente, CNU Intern


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