Maxene Magalona on divorce: ‘Letting go is medicine for the soul’

CEBU CITY, Philippines— “We deserve divorce.”

Maxene Magalona shared a short but powerful line in her lengthy Instagram post about the hotly debated divorce bill.

The online discussions have sparked mixed reactions, with some supporting the bill and others strongly opposing it.

Today, actress and yoga instructor Maxene expressed her stance.

She began her post by relating her opinion to walking away from things that weigh a person down.

“Because it’s #MentalHealthAwareness month, I would like to share some of my thoughts on the importance of walking away from toxic relationships that are detrimental to our mental health,” she said.

She noted that marriage is a risk and doesn’t guarantee a long-lasting relationship.

In every relationship, couples put their best foot forward, but behind closed doors, the reality can be very different.

The 37-year-old also shared that, as Catholics, marriage is a sacrament they hold dear.

“The marriage that is supposed to be a sacred union turns into a toxic and traumatic bond. And what’s worse is that they think that having kids will solve everything. When the kids come, the problems are still there and they end up fighting in front of the children which leaves them traumatized and mentally damaged. They grow up within a toxic marriage which becomes the benchmark of their own relationships when they become adults. The vicious cycle never ends,” she added.

Through her post, Maxene expresses support and empathy for Filipinos trapped in unhappy marriages.

Maxene married musician Rob Manaquil in 2018 and separated in 2022. /clorenciana

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