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EVERYBODY loves a good makeover. Cinderella had a team of birds and mice to make her pretty. We had a team of experts in cut, color, styling and make-up to work on two lovely ladies—that’s Margie, Stephan, Lester, Rhomel, Sherri and Elma, plus a photographer. All photos on this page are by Toni Marie Despojo.


Vida is a doctor and mom who has little time for herself. Although she has lovely natural waves, her haircut has lost its shape, the color looks drab and the condition is dry.

Zee is an e-business entrepreneur. Her hair is long and fine. About a year ago, she had her  natural hair color lightened which left the ends dull.



For Vida, Margie decided to create multi-tonal highlights in three colors to liven up and enhance her natural texture. Stephan recommended a Lob haircut reaching the top of her shoulder blades as it is versatile and easy to manage.


To optimize the hair texture, Elma applied the latest in hair therapy, Olaplex, to restore its elasticity.

For Zee, Lester advised  long bangs and framing graduation in an airy, textured cut. As she has a light, delicate skin tone, Rhomel applied  a rich chestnut color at the roots and a toner at the ends to result in a translucent finish with minimal stress to the hair.

As an instant finishing treatment, Sherri applied the superb Luminoil mousse.


With the entire team and salon at their disposal, our two ladies were completely relaxed. Once the hair was styled, Margie applied make-up and Toni took the final shots.


Zee and Vida were happy, if a little unused to their new looks.

Mission accomplished, but you be the judge. Your feedback is welcome and in a few weeks we will have another installment of brand-new makeovers.

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