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WE’RE  not talking about “Break-overs” here, those radical changes in appearance after ending a relationship.

We love doing reinvention make-overs.

Many  woman are stuck in a style, perhaps a busy schedule dictates low-maintenance hair or her hair stylist has failed to inspire. Previous disappointing experiences at hair salons can lead her to just ask for a “safe” (but boring) trim.

Urban Turban invited women of all ages to send in their pictures with a chance to get a free make-over including cut, color, treatments and make-up.

Today we’d like you to meet one of them.

Philline is a bubbly, smart creative working as social media manager at a well-known firm. Her picture showed intense eyes and great skin. Her hair was long and shapeless with a long-grown out color of brassy brown. She’s the perfect candidate for a big change.

“The concept of a successful makeover is not just to apply the latest technique or trend, but to adapt and personalize fashion to this person’s maximum benefit.“ says Margie.


In effect, we look for the strongest assets and highlight them. In Philline’s case, they are  her eyes and bone structure.

To achieve this, Margie decided on a multi-dimensional foiling technique with bright baby lights framing the face. Highlights and lowlights should balance the old color in character, as well as brighten some of the dark roots in depth. Bright baby lights around the face will draw attention and serve as unique fun-factor.

After the color, we applied an instant treatment for extra shine and manageability.

Women tend to be merciless judges of themselves; obsessing over perceived flaws until magnified out of proportion.

The media contributes to this impossible beauty standard by photoshopping models into unrealistic style icons.

“At times, I’m shocked at how hard women are on themselves. I’ve studied more than 50,000 faces in my years as a professional hair stylist, my eyes are trained to perceive even minute imbalances in facial features,” says Stephan.

“Lift, structure and flow was at the core of my design strategy for Philline’s haircut. I decided on a precision cut using light gradation and layers at the back of the head flowing into diminishing gradated sides that are softly point-cut framing the face. Practical and low maintenance yet perfectly proportioned. In line with this, we styled her hair in a natural, stylishly understated way.

At this point Margie applied a light makeup to preserve the glow of Philline’s naturally fine skin through translucency. It was all about enhancement, not change.

Slowly you could see the “new” Philline appear, color, cut and makeup manifesting in joy and approval. A bright smile radiates self-confidence.

Mission accomplished.

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