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Soothing skin relief for the summer


THE sizzling summer season is here and we’re all a bit hot and bothered because of it. But that’s no reason to sweat the small stuff because the perfect summer salve-ation is in the palm of your hand!   Golden Cup Balm is Thailand’s Number 1 Balm, made with herbal and natural ingredients that promote […]

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Beauty secrets from Cebu’s Chocolate Queen


CEBU’S Chocolate Queen married as a teenager and now has eight children between the ages of 25 and 10. When people see her, it’s not unusual for them to say: “How does Raquel Toquero Choa maintain her statuesque figure and perfect bronzed complexion?” The woman behind the celebrated The Chocolate Chamber (TCC) and Ralfe Gourmet, […]

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Make-up tips from Janice, the Beauty Fairy


RAQUEL worked with Janice Barillo, also known as “Janice the Beauty Fairy,” to educate make-up lovers and enthusiasts of the benefits of using cacao lava and theobroma oil as make-up primer. CDN was treated to an exclusive preview on how these two products under the Raquel line can work wonders. Start with a clean face. […]

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Lippies fit for a princess


HAPPY Skin has been collaborating with local talents from the beauty and fashion industry since 2013 and now their first partnership with a global brand is giving women and young girls alike more reason to love this skin-caring makeup brand. The latest Disney Collection is giving us a major throwback feel on the happily ever-afters […]

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Budget politics


Technically, Cebu City Hall’s budget deliberations still have more than a month to go before the December 31 deadline, but every city councilor knows better than to wait that long before they roll out the “skin and bones” budget for next year. Suffice it to say that the budget hearings in the City Council which […]

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Is tap water safe?


THE HUMAN body is about 50 to 75 percent water. An average adult has about 55 to 60 percent (man, 60 percent, and women, 55 percent) while an infant is typically between 75–78 percent, dropping to 65 percent by age 12 months. In general, almost all of us cannot survive beyond five days totally without […]

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Glutathione update


THE GLUTATHIONE craze seems to have spread to various countries, including the Philippines, inspired mostly by women’s desire for a fairer complexion and people’s quest for the fountain of health and youth. Knowing that any substance or drug we use, including “simple” aspirin, is associated with possible adverse side-effects, the concern about the safety of […]

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Skin care business thrives


ELEANOR Velasco had to learn Cebuano to kick-start her skin care and beauty business in Cebu. “I had my share of trials. Lain kaayo ilang tan-aw nimo, og mas lisod gyud masulod sa Cebu market if dili ka taga-diri (they look at you differently and it’s really hard to enter Cebu if you aren’t from […]

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Tanning salons — skin cancer!


THE US-FDA has issued a warning on the use of tanning beds at home and at tanning salons: tanning increases the risk for melanoma, a deadly skin cancer, up to 59 percent! More than 2.5 million teens, mostly girls, use tanning booths each year in the United States. Just like with poison, the more exposure, […]

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