The best all-natural skin care solutions you can find at home

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful?

But spending on beauty products or making constant visits to the dermatologist can be costly.

CDN Digital is giving you some tips on how to look flawless at a minimal cost.

You may not realize it, but there are several items in your kitchen that you can use to achieve a youthful look.

Below is a list of seven all-natural products that your skin will surely love:

COFFEE (Scrub)

Add some honey, aloe vera or coconut oil into your coffee and you will now have a natural scrub for your body and face.

Your coffee scrub will help tighten your skin, slough off dead skin cells, reduce cellulite, and prevent aging.

ALOE VERA (Pimples)

Aloe vera is best for treating acne because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

It also contains beneficial properties that will help heal wounds and scars fast.

Say goodbye to your acne scars!

CUCUMBER (Hydration)

Cucumber can rehydrate your skin because of its high water content.

Its juice is beneficial for skin tightening while it also helps absorb heat to render coolness and help close open pores.

The ascorbic and caffeic acid found in cucumber also diminishes the swelling and puffiness around the eyes.

OATMEAL (Dry and Itchy Skin)

Research suggests that oatmeal exhibits anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes oatmeal a perfect treatment for itching associated with dry and irritated skin.

Oatmeal also contains saponins, a compound that acts as a natural cleanser. It removes the dirt and oil from your pores.

You don’t even have to worry about skin irritation!

COCONUT OIL (Makeup remover)

Much as we enjoy applying makeup, removing this can be a daunting task!

But you need not worry.

All you need is a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Put the right amount of warm coconut oil on your skin and gently massage. You will see that your makeup will slowly melt.  As soon as it does, rinse it with warm water.

SUGAR (Lip scrub)

We all love wearing our favorite lip colors!

One makeup hack to try is putting on a lip scrub because this allows lipstick to stay on your lips longer.

Why sugar? Because it is the readily available and is the least harmful substance that we could use as a lip exfoliant.

Create a mixture of sugar, honey or almond oil and you now have a lip scrub!

HONEY (Wrinkles and Cleansing)

The moisture in honey can help eliminate wrinkles.

It is a natural humectant, which means that it moisturizes the top layers of the skin.

Without stripping its natural oils, honey will help remove dirt and grime from your skin.

Honey also helps whiten the skin. Its antibacterial properties soothe inflammation and defend the skin from germs.

There are a lot of ways to stay pretty and young-looking even while we are at the comforts of our homes.

All you need is TLC (tender loving care) and lots and lots of consistency!

But before you try these beauty tips, do additional research to especially determine which ones would best suit your needs.

If you have more skin secrets, share it with us in the comment section of this video.


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