The many lives of Chef Andrea

Chef Andrea Burzio

ITALIAN Chef de Cuisine Andrea Burzio of Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa is warming up Acqua with his family-style favorites in the Italian tradition. He believes cooking is an art instrumental in creating meaningful relationships and communities.

A native of Turin, this young chef brings with him the northern style of cooking heavily influenced by Piedmont’s rich geography using ingredients from sea and forest with hints of French cuisine, the region being closest to the French-Italian border.

An introvert, Chef Andrea claims he took to the kitchen where he is able to express his creativity. He enjoys making people happy with his culinary creations.

Acqua recently launched a series of dining experiences highlighting the nuances of Italian lifestyle and cuisine as told through the lens of Chef Andrea Burzio’s personal history with five capitolo or chapters that include “La Mia Tiera” (My Land), La Mia Infanzia” (My Childhood), “La Mia Famiglia” (My Family), “Citta e Stile” (City & Style) and “Mia Percorso” (My Journey).

I missed the first two chapters but finally caught up with the third chapter “La Mia Famiglia” last Jan. 13.

Italians, like Filipinos, are family-centered.

We share their warmth, religiosity, and love for food, music, and laughter.

Family is an extremely important value within the Italian culture.

Italians, just like us, have frequent family gatherings and enjoy spending time with them.

Children are raised to remain close to the family. Such is the setting that Chef Andrea Burzio grew up in. And this chapter reveals the affinity he shared with his family back home in Turin.

Shangri-La Mactan’s vibrant first couple, General Manager Rene Egle and his wife Nelly, warmly welcomed guests. It is always a pleasure to exchange pleasantries with them, with updates on the latest in the resort.

A Cocktail glass or two set the lively mood.

Filled with eager anticipation for the heritage dishes of the Burzio family. I joined a table set family style.

A plate of Grandpa Cesare’s homemade dishes (I Contorni Di Nonno Cesare) of homemade fries, mix garden salad and sautéed winter vegetables and Aunt Carla’s Roasted Bell Pepper, potato, baby carrots (La Bagna Caoda di Zia Carla) were as healthy as appetizing.

An attendant poured the bagna caoda sauce made of anchovy, cream and garlic over the veggies. Grandma Mariangela’s homemade salad of rustic mayo, green peas, tuna carrot and potato (Insalata Russa di Nonna Mariangela) was the same comfort food I remember as Russian
Salad in my childhood.

A huge casserole of Chef Andrea’s father’s recipe—Papa Massimo’s sautéed mussels in spicy tomato sauce, garlic, chives lemon and EVOO (Le Cozzi Piccanti alla Livornese Di Papa Massimo) was fresh and spicy.

Livornese is a sauce used for seafood that originated in Livorno, Tuscany. Chef Andrea’s Gnocchi Verde Al Forno con Fonduta is his Parisienne style spinach gnocchi with toma cheese fondue.

The piéce de résistance was the Il Brasato Alla Birra Di Nonna Edda (Grandma Edda’s Braised Beef with beer, celery, onions and rosemary). The beef chunks were truly fork-tender!

The dessert trolley was delightfully tempting filled with a selection of Chef Andrea’s mother “Le Torte Di Mamma Anna”. I singled out the scrumptious apple tart and creamy fruit tart. Molto bene!

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