DR. FRANK VICOY: Smile specialist

Dr. Frank Vicoy (CDN Photo/Gerard Pareja)

Best described as the man behind the celebrity smile—heis next level.

Thrust at the fore-front of Cebu’s cosmetic dentistry scene, Dr. Frank Paylangco Vicoy admits that his profession is a self-imposed vocation.

And the aesthetics is just an avocation.

Born and raised in Cagayan de Oro, the 27-year-old Dentistry graduate from the Cebu Doctors University is slowly becoming at ease with the status that comes with handling high-profile personalities. He, however, chooses to focus on the work itself.

“There’s pressure, of course. In the industry that I am in, it’s very important that you have to look good. I have to be honest, karon ra ko kapalit og iPhone. Pila ko ka years nag gamit og ordinary 7K phone. Also, I am not into social media but it’s important that you have to keep up. It is a good way to market yourself. Before dili kaayo ko mogasto, grabe kaayo ko katihik. But there’s always a price for self improvement,” he says.

His clinic, Creation of Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry (Pacific Square, F. Cabahug Street in Mabolo) caters to a varied clientele that includes personalities from Manila and abroad.

Armed with the latest trends in the field, Dr. Frank prides himself in being able to enhance and create that perfect smile.

“It can be a bit expensive because we do enhancements and the materials we use are not cheap. We need a lot of investing in terms of having the skills, and not everybody can do this,” he reveals.

All passion, he talks about his aspiration for the future. Life is definitely smiling on him. (NRG)

Cebu is slowly gaining traction in terms of cosmetic dentistry.

Actually dentists in Manila are sending their works to us—including those clinics that did (Miss Universe 2015) Pia Wurtzbach and many other personalities.

My partner who is a good investor also has his own laboratory in Manila and just recently we proved that Cebu can also do it.

There is now the demand.

Describe your clientele in Cebu.

Mostly, we have people in the pageant circuit as well as skin clinic owners or personnel since they are all into enhancements man sab.

It is all about the overall package because aside from the skin we have to take care of the teeth and our smile when we face the media, customers, or even in ordinary gatherings. For some, to get their dream job, you need to have a good set of teeth and smile as a requirement.

I also have patients who are kids.

What are you very particular about when it comes to your profession?

When people have gaps between their teeth, I get a bit queasy to fix a bit of something.

It about building self- confidence.

That, in order for one to have a really good smile and a healthy set of teeth. In the beginning it was just about oral health, like cleaning, fillings and oral hygiene.

Eventually I saved up on tools and shifted to cosmetics.

I think improving the smile, alignment and balance of a person’s teeth is very important since a smile can form or deform the face through its muscles.

How ready is Cebu for dental cosmetic surgery?

Well, it’ s a question of money. Let’s face it, all of us aspire to have that perfect smile, but not all can afford it because it can be expensive.

My rate right now is not as prohibitive compared to other clinics; but still there are laboratory fees and then you have to buy stuff that can only be sourced outside the country.

The only assurance I can give is that beyond the hard work is the quality of work and output that I have always been proud of all these years.

Did you always want to be a dentist?

Never in my life did I want to be a dentist or a doctor because for me it was always about making my parents proud by finishing whatever course in college.

What were you like as a student?

Aside from school, I was very much into karting and racing.

The only commitment I had back then was to pass all my subjects and graduate on time.

How do you deal with patients that go to you with “impossible” expectations?

In my field of practice daghan kaayong expectations, like they would like to have their teeth very white.

Since I started practice I have always aspired for a natural look. In creating a beautiful smile I begin with enhancing the placement and make it look natural, not way too artificial na fake na kaayo siya.

I think that’s my edge, the reason why people keep coming back.

What’s your take on veneers that are too white or too big for the mouth?

I had this patient, only one ra gyud ha sa kadaghan nakong patients who wanted it that way.

I should say I studied pageantry man pud and I was doing rounds of being a judge, and from there sitting as a judge I was assessing
a better look for a contestant, and to some they do look good on stage and onscreen having those type of teeth.

Pero when you look up close that’s another story.

But going back to that one patient, well, she won and to me that’s all there is to it.

It’s about feeling good and looking good.

What do your clients usually want when they come to you?

Most want to have white teeth.

When did you realize that dentistry is going to be your line of work?

After I graduated and passed the board exams, I started practice mainly just for a living.

But for someone whose parents are not here in Cebu there seems to be that void that I felt.

Eventually I had some patients who were from abroad who I helped out in arranging their stay and bookings here in Cebu for their treatment.

Thanks to word of mouth, for quite a number of years patients would seek me out and that’s when I realized that there isa future for cosmetic dentistry here in Cebu.

Why Cebu and not in Manila?

I want to be successful here.

Actually we havea branch in Manila and I have a number of patients who have been asking me about the service here in Cebu.

My plan for this year is to bring in Manila patients and establish dental tourism sinceCebu is really promising with its beaches, food and landmarks.

How do you see yourself in the next five years?

In five years I want to have my own family.

I will be in a stable practice with several branches. I also aspire to have my own brand with line of oral care and enhancements products.

Who among our local personalities possessthe perfect smile?
Actually I am not into TV though I do have a number of clients who want to have that Liza Soberano smile. Robi Domingo also has a good smile.

How do you de-stress?

I like surfing and diving.

Once ma-vacant gani ko molarga gyud ko og Siargao.

In 2011 and 2012, I was into car racing and that time I remember we would hang out in SRP.

But mao lagi na, I have always been a hard worker.

Ever since I am very particular about earning a living because lisud man nga i-asa nimo tanan sa imong parents.

You cannot ask everything from your parents.

What’s your ultimate goal?

I want to retire early so I’m really saving up. Kanang makapundar gyud ko ba og properties because in this life we need money to move.

Masakit ta or if our parents get sick we know for a fact that money is an essential.

Since day one when I started my practice that has always been my greatest reason to wake up and move.

How do you make a mark in an industry that’s very competitive?

The saying “other people’s opinion of you is none of your business” really strikes me.

Back then people would say that I was too young and dili pa daw kasaligan and eventually I was able to gain their trust.

This was because of referrals and word of mouth. You just have to prove your skill and work hard.

How are you holding up now that you’re in the forefront of the dental cosmetic industry?

There was a time when my life was confined to the clinic and the car shop.

During my days off, moadto ra ko sa car shop. Awto ra gyud na akoang hilig.

Karon lang gyud that I am passionate with my line of business, that I have to keep up with trends, meet people and sort of reintegrate with mainstream projecting and proving that I have what it takes.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by people guide me in my practice. I am still young and to be blessed this much, I must have done something good along the way.

What makes you smile?

Whenever I finish a case and see overwhelming results that make a patient happy, that to me is fulfillment and happiness.

No matter how stressed I am with work, it means a lot when when your patient will just hug you out of happiness, or give you a simple “thank you.”

Giving that smile to a person can also change his or her life.

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