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Get rid of nagging Pain at Epic Performance and Fitness

Back Pain? No problem. Cyclist getting treatment during the 2018 Giro de Luca

Have you ever suffered nagging pain coming from sports injuries like strain and sprains? Or backpain and neckpain that doesn’t seem to get better? How about trouble reaching for something above you, but seemingly cannot due to existing shoulder pain? There’s also those creaking knees that seem to hurt every time we get out to walk, or climb up stairs. The list goes on.

A lot of us go through our days with seemingly nagging pain that doesn’t seem to get better. Fortunately Epic Performance and Fitness has a solution, a new offering meant to expedite the body’s healing processes and reduce the onset of pain, all within a 30-minute therapy session.

Piezowave therapy is an extremely effective and non-invasive solution to pain associated with musculoskeletal system. It delivers a series percussions to the area being treated. These mechanical pulses travel through our bodies causing calcific fibroblasts to breakdown, which in turn provokes metabolic activity that then promotes and stimulates healing in the affected tissue. This form of treatment, eliminates pain, facilitates healing, increases circulation, promotes the production of collagen, and even reduces muscle tension.

How quickly is pain managed with this type of therapy? Pain can be gone in as quickly as six sessions. Pio Solon, Program Director of Epic Performance and Fitness states, “We’ve seen first hand from clients who come to EPIC asking for a better way to treat their injuries and the pain that ails them. We didn’t want to have an intervention wherein patients come in for one hour sessions, spread over months, we wanted a fast-acting solution so our patients and clients can go back to the activities they love doing most or are actually pain-free so they can live life to the fullest”. “On average, we are seeing at least a 50% reduction of pain, and an increase of range of motion on the affected area. This means that the patients can move without the fear of pain, and hasten the recovery process through sound exercise and physical therapy”.

Elbow Pain? No Problem. Carlo Cordero, Tennis player getting treatment on his elbow.

So what common maladies are treated with Piezowave Therapy? Arthritis, Low back pain, frozen shoulder, Elbow, Achilles, and knees tendon injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, knee pain, ankle pain. Athletes fort triathlon, golf, basketball, boxing have already tried this form of therapy and are impressed with the results. EPIC has also treated elderly individuals who have suffered from debilitating pain as well as those suffering from minor ailments such as neck pain and frozen shoulder. “With Piezowave therapy most people will feel better after six sessions, but they will notice improvement right away after the first session”.

For more details about Piezowave Therapy, contact 0917 7743742, Epic Performance and Fitness is located at the G/F of OITC2 in Oakridge Business Park.

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