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Authentic korean restaurant in a 5-star resort

Korean restaurants are budding all throughout Cebu as Korean tourists continually come to visit, and the fondness of Korean cuisine among Cebuanos has grown. 

Among all the Korean restaurants found around Cebu, there is only one that is situated inside a 5-star resort. Located in Jpark Islands Resort, one may have a taste of Korea in Maru. 

Jonathan Nowell, General Manager of Jpark, shares that “Maru” is Korean for “wooden floor” and typically, it is a Korean practice for families or gatherings to share meals together as they sit on wooden floors. 

This concept is what they envisioned for the restaurant to have, serving authentic and delectable Korean dishes in generous portions to be shared among gatherings for family and friends. 

Popular Korean dishes with a variation of cooking styles of beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables are spread out across the menu of Maru. 

With the cuisine known for their rich and spicy flavors, so are the dishes that they serve. Guests are also given the option on how spicy or flavorful they would want their orders to be to which the chef can gladly incorporate. 

Classic Korean staples like Kimchi, Bulgogi and Korean-style barbeque, to name a few, are also among their recommendations. Each plated meal is special as they are intricately prepared before being brought to the table.

Korean national chef of Maru shares that all the  ingredients and flavoring they use are from Korea making their dishes truly authentic. 

Every month, they twist things up and create out-of-the-menu dishes to which they call “Maru Specials”. 

With its location being in a resort, and the ambiance of the restaurant integrating Korean style, guests get to feel laid back while they have a taste of Korea. 

Serving lunch and dinner all week long, Maru is located inside Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark, Mactan Cebu, M.L. Quezon National Highway, Lapu-Lapu city. For inquiries and reservations contact  (032)4945000 or visit them online at www.jparkislandresort.com

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